Greenfield CAT Spotlight | April 2017

Dr. Nancy Kotowski, Monterey County Superintendent of Schools, and Caryn Lewis, Greenfield Union School District Assistant Superintendent of Education Services, discussed the progress and successes of the Bright Beginnings’ Collaborative Action Team (CAT) in Greenfield.

The Greenfield CAT has seen an increase in community engagement and participation over the past two years. It now has members from Bright Beginnings, First 5 Monterey County, United Way Monterey County, Greenfield Union School District, as well as local representatives from Action Council and the Central Coast Youth Sports Organization.

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Greenfield CAT Spotlight | September 2016

Josefina Silva is a member of the Bright Beginnings’ Collaborative Action Team (CAT) in the community of Greenfield. She started her 25-year career in education as a first grade teacher and has spent the last 8 years working as a pre-school coordinator focusing on early education.

As a pre-K educator, Josefina began working with First 5 of Monterey County early on to help build community partnerships in Greenfield. It was always a dream of hers to bring something like Bright Beginnings into the community. Josefina and her team worked hard to prove that Greenfield needed Bright Beginnings to help strengthen and enhance the lives of children in their community.

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