Gonzales CAT Spotlight | February 2017

Rene Mendez, Elizabeth Modena, and Michelle Slade are all integral members of the Bright Beginnings Gonzales Collaborative Action Team (CAT). Mendez works for the City of Gonzales as the City Manager, while Modena is the Superintendent for Gonzales Unified School District (GUSD), and Slade is the Gonzales CAT Facilitator who helps strategically with the partnership between the city and the education system.

For these leaders, an understanding that a partnership between the city and the school district would be a huge benefit started over a simple connection – lunch.

The relationship developed slowly, but coalesced when each wanted to build a community gymnasium. Neither the city nor the school district could afford the cost on their own. “We’re too small of a community to not be working together,” shared Modena “It just made sense.” The two community leaders decided to join forces to leverage funding and garner support from the state to create a shared space.

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