Family Friendly Business

Good for Families, Good for Business

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Businesses have a role in helping promote family friendly environments. Balancing work and family obligations are a common concern today among employees and employers alike. Similarly, parents are constantly searching for businesses that welcome children, providing environments for families to relax and be themselves. Monterey County needs businesses that support families both behind the scenes with strong family policies, and in the public eye as a service to families.

Bright Beginnings encourages and promotes Monterey County businesses to strive to be family friendly organizations. There are two ways that businesses can achieve this:

  1. Family Friendly Employer: Businesses can establish both a work environment and policies that enable employees to effectively balance and fulfill work and family responsibilities.
  2. Child Welcoming Business: Child Welcoming Businesses invite children to read, talk, sing or play in their place of business. They have activities or materials that encourage adults and children to interact, encouraging strong community bonds.

Family Friendly Employers provide flexibility in helping all employees balance their work and family responsibilities. Providing versatile working environments while attending to organizational needs can have strongly positive outcomes for both employers and employees.

Higher productivity, reduced absenteeism and turnover, increased job satisfaction, improved organizational effectiveness — these and other benefits can be obtained through family-friendly policies that help individuals achieve a healthy and productive work-life balance.

Regardless of size and industry, all organizations can share in the benefits of flexible, family friendly employment policies. Stronger, healthier families contribute to stronger, healthier businesses and empower our community to grow and prosper.

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Child Welcoming Businesses
invite children and parents to interact in their place of business. They have activities or materials that encourage adults and children to build strong family bonds, creating a stronger community.

This can look different in a variety of environments including: a play area in a waiting room, children’s books in a cozy reading corner, or posters that promote parent-child interaction in public areas.

Parents value businesses that create opportunities to engage with their children, and encourage activities for both children and families as they wait. 

Learn more about Child Welcoming Businesses and discover how your business can be recognized as one by clicking here.