Focus Areas

At Bright Beginnings, we are working together to ensure that every single child has what they need, from the prenatal stage through age 8. We believe we can achieve this if, collectively, we invest in four things:

1. An Equitable System that Supports All

This key driver is about the systems that influence children and their families, including social norms, the built environment, and socio-economic and political systems. Our aim is to work towards a comprehensive, equitable system that better supports all children’s holistic development. In these systems, children are not segregated because of funding streams but flourish in diverse, high quality programs. Read more >>


2. Empowered and Resilient Parents

All parents and all families have strengths – and all parents and families need support at some point! No one can eliminate stress from parenting, but a parent’s capacity for resilience can affect how a parent handles stress, and what impact daily stress has on their children. Read more >>


3. Families Surrounded by Support

Families and their children are healthier when they are supported by their community in specific ways. All families need basic supports like food, shelter, clothing, and health care to thrive. When families encounter a crisis, adequate services and supports need to be in place to provide stability, treatment, and help. Read more >>


4. Caregivers that Help Children Grow and Learn

This key driver is about how caregivers behave towards and interact with children on a regular basis, in all care settings. An important part of caregiver behavior is knowledge and awareness, including accurate information about child development and appropriate expectations for children’s behavior at every age. Read more >>