Strategy-Aligned Action

Bright Beginnings Advocacy, Community

Collectively, Making Change Happen

Our countywide strategy, “Together, preparing every child for school and life,” has two big goals: to double kindergarten readiness, and to reduce the gap in readiness between low-income and non-low income children, all by 2025. This means we must — and do — collectively and holistically.

Here is a glimpse of just some of our work that aligns with the strategy and brings us closer to our goal. (Projects in different phases of planning and implementation.)

Transitional Kindergarten Plus Network: Capacity building  for network of early learning educators in the school system (preschool, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten)

Salinas Preschool for All: Community organizing with Mamas to raise awareness of what quality early childhood learning looks like and to mobilize for Preschool for All.

Family, Friends and Neighbors Informal Child Care Capacity Building Network: Building early childhood development practices of informal caregivers.

Family Friendly Business Certification: Certification of family friendly employers and child welcoming businesses who have good practices to support working parents.

Home Visiting Hub: Creation of a central triage hub to better match families with available home visiting services.

Monterey County Maternal Mental Health Task Force: Working to raise awareness of maternal mental health generally and to improve assessment, resource and referral supports to health care providers.

Child Care Accessibility Project: Child Care Monterey County Website that provides enhanced centralized resource and referral website for parents to find real-time availability of child care in Monterey County (in development).

Impacts of Immigration Policy and Enforcement Actions on Child Wellbeing and Health: Presentation and recommendations for those that interact with families with mixed-status documentation.

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