Collaborative Action Teams (CATS)

Bright Beginnings provides capacity building and technical support to teams across Monterey County that are stepping up to implement change projects. Current teams include:

  • Maternal Mental Health Task Force
  • Strategy Team: Transforming early care and education systems to expand access and improve quality
  • Early Care and Education Workforce Task Team
  • Preschool, TK and Kindergarten Network
  • Family, Friends and Neighbor (informal caregivers) Action Network
  • Home-visiting Action Team

Since 2014, Bright Beginnings has supported six community-level teams in Monterey County. These groups continue to operate, supporting local change projects in line with the strategic framework, as well as participating in countywide efforts. Each community has held a series of meetings to strengthen community efforts while developing their own action plan on how to strengthen area efforts in early childhood development. These communities include:

These teams were identified through an extensive community dialogue process and Engagement Opportunity Request (EOR). For upcoming meeting dates, click on the CAT area you are interested in attending above.

What Supports Does Bright Beginnings Provide? 

The Bright Beginnings Backbone provides strategic management and fundraising support. Our staff and consultants also offer various types of practical support for action teams to help them achieve their strategic goals:

  • Process and meeting facilitation
  • Community engagement
  • Project management support
  • Communication and media resources
  • Data and evaluation
  • Logistics for community events and programs, including: interpretation, translation, child care, gift cards / incentives, meeting rooms, meeting materials, meals, transport vouchers

Need help with a project? Contact us and let us know your idea and how we can help!