Peninsula CAT Spotlight | March 2017

Both Wendy Root Askew and Cresta McIntosh have a deep-rooted passion for early childhood education and development, and they each serve their community as members of the Bright Beginnings’ Peninsula Collaborative Action Team (CAT). Wendy works as an aide to Monterey County Supervisor Jane Parker and serves on Monterey Peninsula Unified School Board as a Board Member. Cresta is the Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education for Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD).

The local data about early childhood development gave Wendy and Cresta an important resource to talk with other advocates and policy makers.

“If we look at the research, we know that investments in early childhood education, and for families with young children, are really good preventative policies to be promoting,” shared Wendy. “Dr Heckman’s presentation at CSUMB in March 2012 helped us connect early childhood development data to economic growth and workforce growth, and suddenly we had a whole additional audience of people that were interested and paying attention.”

“When I came onboard, the data that showed our students’ social-emotional readiness level when entering kindergarten made it even more clear that we need to continue to bolster our experiences for the earliest learners in our district,” explained Cresta.

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