What is a Child Welcoming Business?

Child Welcoming Businesses invite children and parents to interact in their place of business. They have activities or materials that encourage adults and children to build strong family bonds, encouraging strong community bonds.

This can look different in a variety of environments including a play area in a waiting room, children’s books in a cozy reading corner, or posters that promote parent-child interaction in public areas.

Promote parent-child interactions, such as shared book reading, games, and art in areas where parents and children wait together (doctor’s office, restaurants, etc.). Parents value businesses that promote opportunities for their children to be engaged, and encourage activities for both children and families as they wait. Child welcoming options may include:

  • Providing a clean play area for children with safe, age-appropriate toys and materials
  • Providing reading materials across diverse topics and age ranges in customer areas (ex. books, coloring options, etc.)
  • Providing healthy food and beverage options
  • Displaying child-friendly images around your business
  • Opening up your business to children for visits and/or field trips

Employers should discuss and collaborate with their employees on possible options and solutions that will fit their needs.

Ready to apply to become a Monterey County Child Welcoming Business?

Please note that this certification is not intended for child or family serving businesses and organizations. We encourage these businesses to review and apply for our Family Friendly Employer certification.

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