Collaborating vs. Aligning

Collaboration is a term often used in creating social change.  How often have you been in a meeting where people say they are “collaborating” but it looks more like information sharing? There is a point and a purpose to information sharing but ultimately to create changes,  we want to take it to the next level – Alignment.  Alignment comes in many forms. For example, an organization shifting its strategies towards a common vision or a partnership is created with a non-traditional partner on an activity.

Because it takes coordinated, thoughtful efforts to align Bright Beginnings strategies, participants are looking at ways to enhance the way we currently work together.  In this newsletter, you’ll read about various examples of alignment: a local funder creating an opportunity open to Bright Beginnings CATs, the strong school district/city partnership in the CAT Spotlight from Gonzales. We’ve also included action items to advocate for early childhood locally, statewide, and at the national level from our February Policy Newsletter