Thank You to Our Heroes

Bright Beginnings Advocacy, Community

There have been many unseen heroes during the ups and downs of this year’s crises — such as those steadily nurturing our young children. Whether formally or informally, they are safely providing care and education, home visits, and other crucial health services. Many are working behind the scenes and around the clock, making sure personal protection supplies are available, pushing for fair distribution of public resources, or providing the simple but vital service of listening.

Really, each and every one of us is a hero. Yes, that means you. As we move into winter’s holidays and give thanks to those around us with extra generosity and kindness, remember to do the same for yourself. Together, we are strong and steady, even when one of us stops to take a breath.

Learn how child care and education providers are keeping their doors open and children safe in this recent KION interview featuring Bright Beginnings’ Sonja Koehler and Laurie Ramirez from the Monterey County Child Care Planning Council.