New Mamas Sharing Their Stories

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Advocating for Mental Health Supports

Over the last few months, the Mamas de Salinas Abogan, a parent-led community group, grew by four new members — please join us in welcoming Betsy Tornero, Erika Arreola, Claudia Hernandez, and Telma Hernandez. The Mamas have been very active in the community and have shared their stories to advocate for all the Mamas in our community and their little ones.

Mama Betsy Tornero

New Mama Betsy Tornero shared her story to advocate for increased mental health supports. During a legislative visit with Senator Anna Caballero, Betsy shared her first-hand experience with mental health and the importance of investing in services for our parents and families now. Betsy also participated in the 2021 CA Forward Economic Summit, where she was invited to share her story of dealing with postpartum depression and the support she received from community organizations including Mujeres en Acción and Mamas de Salinas Abogan. 

Mama Gabby Silva participated in the last Town Hall with Congressman Jimmy Panetta. She was one of three parents that helped co-facilitate this meeting and was able to introduce and speak to experts in healthcare, education and schools, support for immigrant families, and childcare. These spaces allow for a shift in power dynamics and give the community the power to lead discussions and authentically engage with industry experts. “We must speak with our representatives because it is how they will understand our needs and can help us raise awareness about the needs of our children,” shared Gabby.

Mama Mari Trini Sanchez shares her wealth of knowledge as a mother, teacher, and child care provider of over 20 years about the responsibility we have to the children in our communities. “It is everyone’s job to provide the tools and resources that allow children to grow and live with love, respect, and equity,” shared Mari. She was one of three parent panelists at the “Critical Role and Practice of Parent and Community Engagement in Advancing Equity and Justice” at the First 5 Association 2021 Virtual Summit. 

Thank you, Mamas, for your courage and wise words!