Monterey County Legislative Program | Securing funds for Monterey County’s children and families

The 2019-2020 Monterey County Legislative Program consists of community identified funding priorities, the top of which include education (especially early education and preschool), quality health and mental services, homeless services, crime and violence prevention and reduction, as well as affordable housing and displacement prevention.

In Monterey County there are a total of 38,715 children ages 5 and under, accounting for 9% of the population. With a high child poverty rate of 26% (combined with San Benito County), 23% of children being food insecure, and the highest rate of children living in overcrowded housing in the state at 40% — the need for programs and services that support young children and their families is evident. In an effort to address the growing needs of Monterey County’s children and families, the 2019-20 Monterey County Legislative Program aims to secure funding for the following:

  • Preschool for All
  • Improved amount of quality early care providers
  • Increased availability and equitable access to social determinants of health for children and their families:
    • Education
    • Healthy food
    • Affordable housing and assistance
    • Trauma and special needs services
  • Increased child friendly workplaces

Click here to read the full 2019-20 Monterey County Legislative Program.