Goodbye 2020

Bright Beginnings Community

What has made 2020 stand out? Many things, and as we go deep into the winter season, we reflect on what has brought light into a year with much darkness. Here are a few moments that stand out for us:

We are dazzled by the depth of caring and collaboration as we all rose to the year’s challenges, as seen in the Child Care & Wellbeing COVID-19 Response & Recovery Coalition.

We are uplifted by the broad recognition that child care and education is a cornerstone to the wellbeing of individuals, businesses, and the economy. Read about it in the Salinas Valley Business Journal (see page 16).

We are humbled by the grace and endurance of the child care and education providers who keep their doors open and embrace distance learning, and of those that had to temporarily shutter to keep everyone safe. We’ve fared better than some, as recently heard on the news. Our informal care networks have stepped up to the plate, too. You are true heroes.

We are grateful to those that keep our spirits up through mental health support and reflective practices for practitioners and educators. Our new mommas need extra support. The Mamas de Salinas Abogan are speaking up for support through the media.

We are inspired by those that are paving the way for our systems to be more ready — and REDI — for our young children. By addressing REDIness — that is race, equity, diversity, and inclusion — in our early care and learning systems through Governing for Racial Equity, we can and will narrow racial disparities for good. 

We pay our respect to all who have been impacted by COVID-19 and local wildfires by staying smart and safe through the holidays. Let’s keep wearing face coverings, washing hands, keeping physical distance, not gathering outside our households, and getting tested. We can keep this up for just a while longer — it will make 2021 all the sweeter.

There is so much more — take a look on Facebook and Instagram. Like and share the good work you all do together, through the Bright Beginnings Early Childhood Development Initiative.

Most of all, our hearts are warmed by the stories of resilience of families and the joyous smiles of our young ones. Together, we do our best to ensure they have what they need in these times. 

Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021!