Final Evaluation Report

BB Comms Advocacy

Next steps for this fiscal year

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey, your responses helped us compile our final evaluation report. Every six months, Bright Beginnings reviews our strengths and how to best support communities towards improving early childhood development.

What we’re doing well:

  • Valuing and prioritizing the importance of diverse community collaboration
  • Building and promoting communication both internally and externally
  • Direct support for communities at different levels of development
  • Supporting facilitators for each of the Collaborative Action Teams

What we can do better:

  • Provide clarity on roles and responsibilities within the initiative
  • Encourage systemic approach to addressing early childhood development challenges
  • More engagement to increase policy outreach and coordination within the community and supporting local policy related to early childhood development
  • Support data sharing and evaluation at the community level
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning

We will share the final report on the website soon. In the meantime, you can find an executive summary by clicking here.